Teaser and Research

Our tool for Internet Business and Online Marketing - Leader Kompass X - requires your unique input. This ensures that the right competitors, relevant accounts, pages and data is going to be analyzed. Leader Compass Lv.0, on the other hand, are sub-pages that contain a very small part of the information from the Leader Compass X. Everything is automatically assigned, including the competitors. For you it is a form of a small teaser. For us this is the platform where we test the automation of the Leader Compass. Together with your feedback, we can continuously improve level 0 its accuracy, data aggregation and evaluation. The data and scores should be viewed with caution, since we currently update the data relatively rarely and this is only a very small part of the data from the Leader Kompass X. There are currently more than 2 million domains in our database. The universal approach of the Leader Compass enables us to draw our customers' attention to important optimizations and information across industries. Your scores depend on your and your competition internet activities and their results. Your competition is more active and delivers better results:-> this reduces your score. To get the latest data (all analyzed almost daily), open an account on the LKX.