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Our algorithms collect information, determine the relevant competitors and compare how these pages perform in direct comparison in fields: search engine rankings and traffic, social media activity and reach, popularity on other websites (backlinks) and the technical aspects of the website itself (user experience and many more). The selection of competitors can be improved by any visitor at any time by clicking on them and selecting an additional one or replacing existing ones. The displayed score is made up of metrics, which we present below. It shows percentage success measurement (snapshot) compared to the competition. The higher the percentage, the better performance. This area belongs to the research work of the Internet Institute Zurich and does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. For precise evaluations, we recommend opening an account.

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SEO: Number of expected visitors from the search engine

Expected volume of visitors based on the visibility in the search engine (presence on the first search results page for keywords that have significant monthly demand. Calculated thanks to public statistics on click rate). The value should not be compared with Google analytics numbers. The key figures are intended to be representative for the search engine visibility of a domain.

Social media statistics

Selected social media statistics on reach (number of followers / fans), activity (number of posts) and engagement (e.g. number of likes achieved for all posts).

This area belongs to the research work of the Internet Institute Zurich and does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. For precise evaluations, we recommend opening an account.

Twitter followers x x x x x
Twitter following (account is following) x x x x x
Twitter likes x x x x x
Instagram followers x x x x x
Instagram following (account is following) x x x x x
Youtube subscribers x x x x x
Youtube comments x x x x x
Youtube videos x x x x x

Number of referring external websites - an important source of visitors

Number of backlinks and other important metrics

Number of Referring Backlinks (Content Popularity) (day) 83,320 292,682 22,985,748 42,814,100 91,448
Number of Referring Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 1,940 7,041 109,804 22,027 211
Number of URLs found in the index (day) 798,184 44,102 1,619,956 23,709,959 1,701,711
Number of IPs that refer to domain (day) 1,622 5,462 71,011 12,224 198
Number of subnets that refer to domain (day) 1,277 4,203 38,276 7,785 189
Number of Referring .EDU und .EDU - related Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 4 121 1,816 71 x
Number of Backlinks from .EDU and .EDU - related Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 6 2,124 428,699 2,176 x
Number of governmental and .gov - related domains that refer to domain (day) x 11 158 11 x
Number of government and .gov - related external backlinks that link to domain (day) x 930 571 405,823 x
The exact number of educational domains that refer to domain (day) 2 74 978 10 x
Number of Backlinks from .EDU Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 3 621 24,673 770 x
The exact number of government domains that refer to domain (day) x 5 89 x x
The exact number of government links that refer to domain (day) x 6 370 x x
Average number of outgoing links to unique domains for that domain (day) 1 x 1 0 0
The number of outgoing links for this domain (day) 1 x 2 2 0
Average number of internal links for domain (day) 18 x 36 82 1
Link Strength of Referring Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 34 51 78 49 52
Authority of Referring Domains (Content Popularity) (day) 20 33 67 52 16
TrustMetric value for domain (day) - Majestic metric 20 33 67 52 16

Keywords research

Frequent words and word combinations of the group of chosen websites and statistics on the occurrence and monthly demand in Google. Find keywords that are often used by competitors and have demand in the search engine.

Summary of some information about this domain and its competition


  • Die Domain achieved a Score of 267.
  • The competing domain has achieved a score of 574


  • The most common term (found) on the website is english
  • It is very likely that you can register and open a user account on the competitors website "".
  • We think there is a blog section on the competitors website "".
  • The competitor has achieved a value of 22985748 for the metric: "Number of incoming backlinks (daily value)".
  • The competitor achieved a value of 24673 for the metric: "Number of backlinks from .EDU domains (daily value)".

Social media

  • A link to Twitter has been found on the domain
  • 0% of this group of domains has a LinkedIn account.
  • The number of Twitter favorites for the competitor tweet account is 9090 (since the last update).
  • Number of Instagram followers, which belong to the competitor has been 274325 since the last check.
  • The number of Instagram Following for the competitor instagram account is 37 (since the last update).


  • The best position ever found for the competitor was 1 and it was found the keyword :keyword.
  • This free report has been updated for the main domain on 2020-02-08.
  • The average position in the search engine rankings for the main domain is 70.
  • The competing websites have an average search engine position of 26617084 in our rankings.
  • The average number of visitors expected from the search engine for the competitors websites is 53234168.


  • The competitor has a number of pages indexed in the search engine of 531,000.
  • AJavascript on the competitor hold 47% of all data transfers.
  • Static objects of the competitor are numerous and,,, could have information about their expiry date and be loaded from the cache of the browser.
  • The number of static elements on the page is 31.
  • Some links and buttons are too small and can cause problems for website visitors of the competitor website.